Wednesday, June 22

Working Smart

I have always found Michael Hyatt's insights into balancing life and work extremely helpful. Mike seems to know more about everything than just about anyone I have ever met. And he gets more done than just about anyone too. It just isn't fair! I honestly can't fathom how he does it all--he reads everything, writes prodigiously, runs a major corporation, stays active in his church, and still has a vibrant family life! His very helpful blog, Working Smart reveals at least a few of the secrets to his rather astonishing balancing act. I highly commend Mike's insights into how to maximize time, energy, resources, technologies, disciplines, callings, and giftedness.

Now the trick for me is going to be whether I can actually apply his wisdom--this week I have three major articles to write, a sermon to prepare, and a conference to attend and speak at, a board meeting to participate in, and two annual budgets to pour over in hopes of finding essential cost-saving measures for our ministries (and that is to say nothing of the stacks of books I dragged along with me to read during odd spare moments). I think I'm going to need every bit of Mike's management magic that I can possibly get!

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Kenny Holloway said...

...and this is one of the reasons I have always admired you, Dr. Grant. When I think of all that can be accomplished, I think of Teddy Roosevelt and yourself.