Friday, June 3


While I am out and about here in Europe, I am likely to be more than a little irregular in my blog posts--it will be catch-as-catch-can at internet cafes along the way. So now is the perfect time for you to begin gleaning from the brilliant insights of my friend and co-laborer at King's Meadow, Greg Wilbur. Greg is an expert in aesthetics and he is a fine composer--but as you will soon discover, he is a wonderful writer as well. I think you'll want to return to his blog (right here on the King's Meadow site) every day from now on. I do.


Verity said...

Hi George!

Glad to hear that you are over here in London again. Hope you enjoy your trip!


Steve Hayhow

Kerry said...

Greg is a terrific composer. One of our family's favorite songs is The Son of War Goes Forth to War. It is a favorite of others up here in Moscow!


Jim in VA said...

Since this blog has become part of my daily routine I wanted to thank you. I've purchased six selections from your recommended reading list and have just finished "Amusing Ourselves to Death." It will now go to the top of my recommended list! I'm also enjoying reading Walker Percy's "Love in the Ruins." I would also like to suggest a title or two for you: If you haven't already, you must treat yourself to Fitzroy MacLean's "Eastern Approaches." Robert Kaplan recommends it in his excellent book "Balkan Ghosts" and I heartily second his endorsement. Both books are two of the best "travel" books of all-time. I also heard about the Nikolai Gogol's novel "Taras Bulba," from Kaplan. Hemingway ranked in his top-ten and it's easy to see why. And when it comes to biography, Robert Massie's "Life and Times of Peter the Great" reads like a great novel, offering an excellent perspective on 17th and 18th century Russia and Europe.

Hope you're enjoying your trip. I look forward to more posts.

Jim Hale
Alexandria, VA
UH alumn - we met briefly at the Mercy Ministries conference in Atlanta.

bonnieb said...

Dr. Grant,

Have you been to the Round Church?
Ranald Macaulay give tours!


p90me said...

Jim in VA (or Dr Grant),

Where can Dr Grant's recommended reading list be found?


gileskirk said...

There are several reading lists right here on the King's Meadow site--just check the Shelf Life section.

We did get a chance to visit the Round Church, though Ranald and Susan were not there--in fact, we even missed our dear friends Chris and Jamie because our time was so very short. Next time!