Friday, April 28

Chalmers Conference CD Set

The recordings of our King's Meadow Winter Conference are now available. The six-CD set includes four of the talks I gave on the life and influence of the great Scottish pastor, educator, theologian, and social reformer Thomas Chalmers. Session titles include: An Exemplary Life, Covenantal Succession, Cultural Transformation, and Lessons for Today. Also included are topical discussions by three of my former students (all now in graduate school) who share their experiences in implementing this Parish Life model in ministry, education, and their own lives. A helpful Q&A session wrapping up the conference series brings practical application to this rich vision of a true Parish Life.

You can order this complete set from our King's Meadow Audio site. If you just want the four lectures, you can also order them from our Gileskirk Curriculum site where you will also find a variety of other recorded lectures as well as links to our podcast.

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