Monday, April 17

The Divine Source of Liberty

Samuel Adams was one of the firebrands of the Revolution. The founder of the Committees of Correspondence and the Sons of Liberty, he challenged the authority of the English in violating the common law tradition in the colonies and eventually led the armed resistance to the King’s tyranny following the Boston Massacre. In this widely circulated verse, he detailed the standards for the American demand for freedom--a good reminder still, on this Patriots Day:

All temporal power is of God,
And the magistratal, His institution, laud,
To but advance creaturely happiness aubaud:
Let us then affirm the Source of Liberty.

Ever agreeable to the nature and will,
Of the Supreme and Guardian of all yet still
Employed for our rights and freedom's thrill:
Thus proves the only Source of Liberty.

Though our civil joy is surely expressed
Through hearth, and home, and church manifest,
Yet this too shall be a nation's true test:
To acknowledge the divine Source of Liberty.


JNH said...

A powerful reminder, George, thanks. I haven't commented here in a while, but it has not been because you have been any less of a blessing to me. I praise God for wonderful providences like the internet and thoughtful and pastoral historians, who use it as a tool for expanding their sphere of service to us.

Remembering that God is the one who gives us our liberty, and considering how so many of us use that liberty in rebellion and hostility against Him, His magnificent patience and long-suffering just whelm me. But let me just take a look in the mirror, and I find out just how important those Divine attributes really are.

Anonymous said...

Is this Sam Adams connected with the beer company? Any relation to the John Adams clan? Just curious ...

gileskirk said...

Samuel Adams was a great Christian patriot, cousin of John Adams, and one-time brew-master and tavern-keeper. It is for him that the modern Sam Adams brewery is named. He really was one of the most remarkable men of a most remarkable generation.

Josh said...

Ah, yes, Samuel Adams. Always a good decision. By the way, Dr. G, could you add my blog, Josh on Josh , to your blogfellows? The url is

Blessings, Health and Peace,