Saturday, April 8

Pasqua Florida

On this day in 1513, Ponce de Leon named his new discovery, Florida, near the present site of St. Augustine. The Castilian explorer chose that name in recognition of the fact that he made the discovery near the time of the Easter feast: Pasqua Florida.

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NorWoodMan said...

I recall from one of your Basilean lectures the time a guide was showing your group a church in (I think) Czechoslovakia – and you pointed out the various renderings of the Gospels in stone carvings – which had been there all the time - plain for all to see – even under the reign of communism. I think you said that the guide was pretty excited by your discovery. God had left a witness, but people didn’t see it.

As a native Floridian, I NEVER received this information in (public) school concerning "Pasqua Florida"; the church that I grew up in (Baptist) was silent about this as well. By the way ... the spin we received was that Ponce de Leon was so impressed with the lush and flowery growth that he named the land after flowers - Florida. Of course, no teachers ventured to offer alternate explanations regarding a city named "St. Augustine" ...

Dr. Grant, I thank the Lord for excellent information we have received over the years from a few ministries (like this one) which realized that the knowledge of our country's Christian heritage was slowly being suppressed and forgotten.

God Bless,