Tuesday, October 10

Just 2 More Days!

Make a difference. Have an impact. Use your influence, your gifts, and your opportunities. That's what I tell my students almost every day. With such heady imperatives, it is important that I steer those idealistic young men and women in the right direction when it comes to practical application. I can't just encourage them to change the world and then leave it at that. I need to give them some sense of how. I need to let them see that they don't have to wait until they're grown before they can excercise their influence for good.

That is why I launched the Uttermost. We are just two days away from a titanic effort to run and cycle 175 miles, raising funds for some of the most vital missions organizations in the world today--providing medical care for the poorest of the urban poor, raising up the next generation of leaders in benighted refugee camps and slums, educating young minds in war-torn Iraq, and digging fresh water wells in AIDS-ravaged communities in Africa.

So far we have raised just over $14,000. That is wonderful. My goal however is to top $20,000. We have two more days to get there. Will you help?

Won't you take time to listen to a brief audio message describing what the Uttermost is all about? Or, visit the websites of each of the ministries to which we are commited. And then, pledge your support--won't you?

Our kids will never be the same. You will never be the same. Our world will never be the same--from here to the uttermost parts of the earth.

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right4lifenow said...

Hi George,

I did not know how to reach you. Would you like to visit San Diego?
Here are the details:

East County CRA, RNHA and Parents Right To Know are hosting an event in support of Prop 85. We wish to raise the level of awareness on this issue as well as raise some money. As you know, Planned Parenthood is greatly out spending the Yes on Prop 85 people. It would be great to have you come and speak at our event.
The event is to take place on Wednesday, October 25th at the Coronado Community Center at 7:00p.m. – 8:30p.m. We will have a few speakers, some food and drinks, special music and call to give and act pass Prop 85.

Please let me know if you are available to come. Should you have any questions you could contact me at: sylvias@usa.net
I look forward to your response.

God Bless,

Sylvia Sullivan
East County CRA
Below is more info the issue



Seven out of ten pregnant minors are impregnated by adult males 22 years old
or more!

The ?boyfriend? then gets the girl an abortion to cover up statutory rape
that is not reported. Proposition 85 will stop this! Californians should put
their whole-hearted effort into passing Prop 85. Lives will be saved and
daughters will have a chance for a good life. Parents will be informed before
it is too late. PLEASE, for the next 5 weeks concentrate on passing
Proposition 85. You won?t be sorry nor will the families of this state.

Proposition 85 has HUGE potential!

1) Passing Prop 85 would prevent an estimated 5000 abortions yearly among
teenagers. Nothing else being done in California during the next 5 weeks can
achieve this.

2) Passing Prop 85 would end confidential abortion referrals in public
schools. It is the antidote for the 300 to 500 new school based clinics that
Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into existence last month with Democrat bill AB

3) Passing Prop 85 would send a message to the Republican National
Committee? Don?t write off California in the 2008 Presidential Election.
Reagan Democrats are still here. Just send us candidates who have your Party
platform pro-life and pro-family values.

4) Passing Prop 85 would cripple Planned Parenthood?s political clout.
Planned Parenthood would no longer command a voter majority, and this would
not be lost on Sacramento legislators.

It is respectfully requested that other important items on your
pro-life/pro-family agenda be put on hold or in second place while you give
your utmost to pass Proposition 85. After the close loss of Prop 73 last year,
Prop 85 has been called ?The chance of a lifetime, twice in a row.? And it
is. Don?t expect another chance in any foreseeable future.

To put your time, talent and dollars into highly effective pro-life tasks that
are integrated with the YES on 85 Campaign, contact us at Life Priority
Network and we?ll help plug you in. Immediate needs are yard sign
distributors and phone callers (from your home is OK) to follow up on a
compelling 3-minute DVD and data packet being sent to 4000 churches in

Contact us now at Info@LifePriority.net or 714-964-1284 or fax us at

His for Life,

Bob Cielnicky, Director

Life Priority Network