Friday, October 27

King's Meadow Film Conference

Tonight, the second annual King's Meadow Film conference begins with a screening of Ang Lee's Eat, Drink, Man, Woman. Tomorrow morning, I will lecture twice: first, on the ideas of feasting and festival in the Christian worldview, and then later, on film as a medium for worldview propogation. Greg Wilbur and Thomas Purfoy will both lecture during the day. We'll preview a new film produced by local artists. And of course, we'll enjoy good food, good fellowship, good discussion, and several more great flicks (including one of my all-time favorites, Babette's Feast) throughout the weekend. Join us in the downtown Franklin Chapel if you can possibly break away from the ever-present tyranny of the urgent. For more information, read our conference brochure or download our most recent ministry newsletter.


Brian said...

Tyranny of the Urgent, now that is classic.

Diane V. said...

Sounds like a great time and were it not for our own present cause for "feasting and festival" up here in St. Louis with our very own red hot World Series Champion Baseball Cards, then we'd love to join yours! But alas, duty calls and we are feeling quite obligated to stay here and participate in all the festivities around this very happy happy town! Blessings on your Film Conference, George.

gileskirk said...


My dad raised me to be a big Cardinals fan--so, I am reveling right along with him and all my other St. Louis friends. So, enjoy all the festivities.

Meanwhile, we'll feast here in your stead.

Stejahen said...

Excellent, will any of the lectures be posted online?