Friday, October 6

A New Chalmers Book

One of my favorite Thomas Chalmers books is back in print for the first time in over a century. Thanks to the good folks at Solid Ground Christian Books, Sabbath Scripture Readings is now available in a fine trade paperback edition. With a brief introduction by Ligon Duncan, adjunct professor at Reformed Seminary and pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, Mississippi, these very brief meditations on every chapter in the New Testament afford us a rare glimpse into the heart of Chalmers’ gospel vision. Written during the tumultuous years between 1841 an 1845, the meditations were originally used for the traditional explanation of the Scripture reading during the Sunday morning services of the Scottish churches in which Chalmers ministered. They are thus less expositional and more devotional in character--largely written in the form and language of prayer. But, do not let their brevity fool you--they are quite substantive theologically and practically. This is a volume you will not want to be without.

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