Thursday, October 19

To the Uttermost


Jason Charlton said...

Dr. Grant,

Thank you so much for the leadership that you gave to make this event happen and for inviting us to take part in it. Our families that participated had a wonderful time. Artios Academy is grateful for the relationship that we have with you and with Franklin Classical School!

God bless,

Jason Charlton

Jen Rose said...

It looks like you had fabulous weather. I am still having a hard time getting my mind around the fact that you did 175 miles in 3 days. Pretty amazing feat, I'd say.

Delmar Smith said...

Thank you for the inspiration, Dr. Grant. I am now two weeks into running again, for the first time in 12 years! My wife says that like your students, I've been "ruined." Now, I'm reading things I'd never have read and doing things I'd never had done. And all because of your example, your teaching, and your influence. Thank you.

Lawrence Underwood said...

I'm right there with Delmar. Your influence upon my walk has been a wonderful blessing. Right now I'm very antsy. I've not been able to run since Friday. (I very nearly lost my thumb in a construction mishap. Not a very constructive event!) But, that gives me more time to read! Thank you for living your life so transparently.