Monday, May 21

Albrecht Dürer

Albrecht Dürer, the most famous artist of Reformation Germany, was born in Nürnberg on this day in 1471. Renowned as a painter, engraver (possibly the inventor of etching), and author of a host of theoretical aesthetic writings on everything from public monuments to domestic architecture, he has had a profound impact on other artists across the ages. He was a voracious learner, interested in understanding geometry and mathematical proportions, theology proper and practical physics, astronomy and classic literature. These richly diverse interests and his ability to observe nature all contributed to the quality of his work. A champion of the Reformation, Dürer was astonishingly accomplished.

His remarkably detailed etchings are perhaps his best-known works--and for good reason:

But, as wonderful as the etchings are, my own favorites are Dürer's watercolors:


Linda said...

I never tire of enjoying Albrecht Durer's work. His detail is so incredibly beautiful that it seems there's always more to see. My favorite of his - since age 10 - is his etching of the Praying Hands; his brother's hands, I believe? It is a powerful piece, and a testimony always.

Steve Henderson said...

The invitation is always open--you and Karen come stay with us and I'll take you on the München-Nürnberg Dürer and Melanchthon tour.