Friday, July 13

The Bible's Historical Accuracy

A stunning find at the British Museum last week reconfirms what has become almost commonplace over the past century or so: Archeology invariably upholds the historical veracity of the Old Testament.


kalepa ta kala said...

Hey Dr. G!
I'm getting into the "Evidence Bible" organized by Ray Comfort, and I'm looking for another book to go along side it that might run through the archeological proofs of the scriptures. My history teacher believes that all of religion is myth, hence my current obsession. Lately I've been working up the "satan perverts" and the "deadliest monster" discussion in such a way that he might hear me. So if you had any suggestions, I'd really appreciate it!
Sincere blessings,

Matthew Stout said...

This is another evidential proof
We can use presuppositionally.

Got that from you, Doc!
;) MLS

Jayme said...

Oh Yippee! I'm so glad you mentioned this... I have a home video of this tablet from our first visit to the British Museum. We were absolutely fascinated with this little piece of stone. Such fun! Thanks.

gileskirk said...

Kala: My favorite book of archeological evidences is Kenneth Kitchen's The Ebla Treasure. But, for general discussions, the new little book by Douglas Wilson, Letter from a Christian Citizen, is great--short, pungent, funny, graceful, and very Chestertonian.

kalepa ta kala said...

Thank you! It sounds excellent.
I hope you are well!

Lucas Temple (a.k.a. Armenia4ever) said...

Well thats why we all should realize that the Bible is right no matter what the current Historical and Archaeological findings of the day say.

But its all ways cool to see this happen.