Monday, July 9

iPhone: The Music Video


Laura said...

I love it! And I too want an iPhone.

Anonymous said...

So Dr. G, the question need be asked...."did you get one?"

Lawrence Underwood said...


My computer guru, an Apple man, is holding off. He an afford it, but is waiting for the revision that will have 'push' technology. If he can wait, I can too.

But, they are cool.

Dave in Clt said...


Now all I really want to know much did you get paid to post this?

Johnny! said...

Will it blend?

CPCC Pastor said...

Great little song here, Thanks!
(I too would wait for the second generation)
dave bissett
mac user since the start

gileskirk said...


No, I don't have one. But, I sure want one. I too will, against my lesser judgment, wait until the 2nd gen iPhones release. My guess is that it will be after the January MacWorld. November is the new iteration of OSX, so that is likely to be the big Christmas push.

Ah, tools, um toys, I mean tools!

IndyChristian said...

Loved it. Featured it at as a result.


Paul said...

Hilarious! David Pogue has some pretty entertaining videos. My personal favorite is probably the one titled: "The Iphone Challenge: Keep it Quiet".