Saturday, July 14

Burma's Church

America's first foreign missionaries, Adoniram and Anne Judson, laid eyes on the teeming city of Rangoon for the very first time on this day in 1813. It would be five years before the Judsons baptized their first convert. But before the two of them died more than 7,000 more of their Burmese friends would come to Christ. Today, despite decades of fierce persecution by the repressive and autocratic military junta, the Burmese church has grown to over two million Christians.


Austin Bob said...

George --

Where can I learn more about the Burmese church? My new neighbors are Burmese.

gileskirk said...

Bob: I have found tremendous resources for understanding more about many of the lesser-known Christian movements around the world through Patrick Johnstone's Operation World organization:

Anonymous said...

I just recently read a book about their work. It was pretty amazing. They are such great inspiration.