Saturday, July 14

Shadow of the Silk Road

Colin Thubron is one of the most remarkable, insightful, and poetic writers working today. Over the years I have tried my best to tack down and read every one of his books--from his historical and contemporary fiction to his accounts of exotic travel throughout the Middle East, Russia, China, and Central Asia. His latest volume chronicles his 7,000-mile, revelatory journey along Asia's famous Silk Road. The Sunday New York Times has a fascinating review by Lorraine Adams of this even more fascinating book, Shadow of the Silk Road. Thankfully, the book is now available in the U.S.--so you won't have to do what I did, paying a premium to have it shipped in from England where it was published several months ago.


Mary said...

Oh, thank you for posting about this book, Dr. Grant! I'm always looking for good books about China for our library. Our two youngest were adopted from China, so we are always on the lookout for books about its history.


Mary Pothoven

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the recommendation! I went to B&N last night and picked it up. I will be going to China in September, so I am doing as much studying as I can in advance.