Friday, August 17

Breakfast Lectures

Once again, Servant Group International will be hosting a series of breakfast lectures on the saga of faith and faithlessness, war and peace, tyranny and hope, terror and opportunity, oppression and freedom that is the history of Iraq. Dave Dillard, the director of the mission will team up with yours truly to discuss this fascinating, relevant, and polarizing subject just south of Nashville on four Friday mornings this fall.

Preregistration is available on the Servant Group Website.


Bill Witczak said...

While attending a family camp at Mt. Hermon Christian Center in N. California about 5 years ago with my wife and kids we had the priviledge to hear Dave Dillard speak to us about his years in Iraq and his thoughts as we prepared to remove Sadaam Hussien from power. In detail he laid out the problems that lay ahead for the U.S.and correctly predicted what would happen after Sadaam was deposed.
By the way he plays a mean mandolin. His partner that week leading worship at Mt. Hermon was Buddy Greene.
If you have time, go and listen to Dave, he knows what he is talking about.

David said...

Dr. Grant,

Will anyone be recording these lectures? I would absolutely love to hear them, but there is no way I can come to Nashville to do so.

gileskirk said...

David: Yes, the lectures will be recorded--as were the last set of 12 lectures we did a couple of years ago. They are available from the SGI office.

Inkling said...

I'm so glad you guys will be recording these. I'll be ordering mine for certain, even if I no longer have a classroom eager to hear them too. Glad to hear you are teaming up with SGI to speak once again.

Austin Bob said...

Please be sure to post a reminder when the recordings are complete!