Friday, August 24

What I'm Reading


Bonnie said...

What beautiful covers!
I need to google Hugh of Saint Victor!

in Charlotte

Kelly Kerr said...

Dr. Grant,

Do you have any of the books of the Corpus Christianorum? If so, you do recommend them?

Grace and peace,
Kelly Kerr

gileskirk said...

Kelly: I only have a few of those volumes, but eventually I'd love to have them all (but, I doubt I'll ever be able to afford that much less find room for all of them). The Corpus Christianorum project is the massive, decades-long mission of the Belgian publishing house, Brepols. The more than 500 critical editions of texts by Christian authors from Late Antiquity till the end of the Middle Ages thus far published in the project are described at The volumes of primarily Latin and Greek texts are supplemented by ancillary handbooks, bibliographies, monographic studies and electronic databases. Amazing, wonderful, and vital resources!