Thursday, August 9

What I'm Reading


Anonymous said...

Dr. Grant,

What book have you read that proposes the best Unitarian insight to the Gospel of John? I'm looking to find the best arguments that deny the eternal sonship of Jesus and well as his eternal actual pre-existence as a divine "person" as the Word. This book must be based on Scripture, not speculation.


gileskirk said...

Kurt: I have yet to find any such books. If they are "Unitarian" then they are of necessity speculative rather than Scriptural. The whole thematic thrust of John's Gospel is to demonstrate the Deity of Christ. Its warp and woof is so Trinitarian that any attempt to exposit an alternate view must do violence to the text itself.

Anonymous said...

Then, can you point me to where the primary source documents, relating to all the different, comprehensive theological views on Christ, including Unitarian, up until the Nicene Council, can be found?


gileskirk said...

Kurt: A good source for the Christological debates is Philip Schaff's three volume The Creeds of Christendom (Baker). I have also found the new series of Ancient Christian Commentaries (IVP) to be very helpful (though there is not yet a volume on John).