Monday, December 24

Yet: O Glorious Yet

This day,
In sadness borne,
We must confess:
The Spirit of the Age
Has crushed
The infant in the cradle.

And yet:
O glorious yet,
One day, in gladness shown,
We must profess:
The infant from the manger
Has crushed
The Spirit of the Age.

Tristan Gylberd (1954-)


gileskirk said...

This 2005 poem is republished here at the request of TulipGirl. Merry Christmas.

Lawrence Underwood said...

Love it. Is it copyrighted?

gileskirk said...

Lawrence: Yes. I hope to see a Tristan Gylberd anthology published someday. An earlier version of this poem was published in the first edition of Grand Illusions, inspired by a song written by Scott Roley and Mike Card. The updated version is a part of a larger epic written in 2005 for Christmastide mystery story.