Friday, June 3


There is just about no better place to buy good books than here in England. Yesterday, I took our little tour group to Cambridge where two of my favorite Antiquarian book dealers have shops. I was able to find four rare valumes of Q's works--one of which I had actually never seen before at any price. I also got a wonderful first edition of T.S. Eliot's essays on poetry. I'd been looking for a good reading copy for a few years because it includes a very opinionated discourse on what constitutes a "classic."

Best of all, I got all of these for less than fifteen dollars each! And I've not yet had a chance to spend any serious time at Cecil Court, Foyle's, or Hatchard's (the most beautiful bookstore in the world and the supplier of the royal family)! Hoi poloi!

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Inkling said...

Dr. G, is this latest posting a type of test wherein we must exercise our utmost to obey God's "do not covet" command? If so, it is a rigorous test indeed. Glad to hear you are finding all sorts of Q. May there be some left for the rest of us when we do finally make it there.

Actually, Helene Hanff wrote of books being buried in craters found throughout England after the War. Wouldn't that be a delightful find?! Dunaway's new owner says I'm too idealistic to hope that some of those books could still be intact. But there's no harm in dreaming.....

Have fun, and may you and your new books return safely.