Sunday, November 26



Amy said...

Doooooode! That's all I have to say!

M. Stewart said...

Yeah, I don't think he should have come out early. The sort of things he did in college against the likes of USC will never translate into the NFL.


Michael Stewart
U Texas '03

Hook 'em ... Titans?

Richard in Austin said...


"The biggest fourth quarter comeback by a rookie quarterback ever" - ESPN.

Being from Austin, it's exciting to see Vince mature in the NFL. He is such an amazing athlete. So many of us here in Austin were sad to see him leave the University of Texas football program a year early. (you know what I mean if you saw the UT/A&M game last Friday!!!)

Interesting to note that at the end of last year's national championship season when Vince was thinking about a move to the NFL, it was all over the local news that he was consulting with his pastor and in prayerful consideration over what he should do. How often do you hear that kind of news on your TV?!?!

While I really don't know exactly what Vince's personal beliefs are, by his record setting performance yesterday, it appears he may have heard exactly what he needed to hear from the Lord!!!

"The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord"...right into the endzone!

Rich in Austin

Lawrence Underwood said...

That was an amazing game. As a recent convert (three years ago) to the Titans after a life time of following the Saints I was I'm stoked. What a comeback.

gileskirk said...

Amy, Michael, Lawrence, and Richard: Hook 'em Titans, indeed! Vince is already very involved in a local church here in Nashville--and his influence has already been felt in this very young Titans squad. On top of that, he's got them actually wowing the crowds again. They've won four out of the last seven games--and two of those, they lost by only one point in the final minute! And this with a squad that was projected to win no more than one or two games all year.

UH '78