Tuesday, November 21

What a Great Week to Read!

The newest King's Meadow Study Center ministry newsletter is now available online--if for some strage and unexplainable reason you are not already a subscriber.

This month I have a long, long article on the influence of the Scots in the American founding era. I tried my utmost to exhort our esteemed editor, Dave Raymond, to do some serious cutting, but he left the article pretty much in its original state, for better or for worse. But speaking of our esteemed editor, Dave has a great review of the influential David McCullough book, 1776, that really ought not be missed. Then, there are two reports, one from the always enlightening Greg Wilbur, and another from the delightfully gifted Blair Sadler, on our most recent event, our annual film festival.

Got some good curl-up-in-an-easy-chair-by-the-fire time this holiday week? Catch up on all the doings here at the study center--it'll be a good warm up for that new Tim Powers novel or perhaps the new Colin Thubron book on the Silk Road or maybe even the new R.C. Sproul exposition on the Westminster Standards or, if you're like me, all three of those plus the L.L. Bean catalog, the latest Chesterton Review, and of course, the Sabbath Scripture Readings of Chalmers! Oh, what a great week to read!


Delmar Smith said...

I cannot find the new Colin Thubron book--not even on the online stores. Where can I get it--or rather, where did you get it?

Dr. Knox said...

In the Shadow of the Silk Road is the title of the new Thubron book. It is on the bestseller lists here in Britain. But, I understand it will not be available in the US until spring. My guess is that Dr. Grant bought his copy here.

Dr. Knox said...

I must say, as a Scot, I greatly appreciated your latest newsletter article. For my taste it was not only not too long, it may have even been a wee bit too short. Here Lewis' comment is apt: "There never was a book thick enough nor a cup of tea large enough."

Kirk G said...

Thanks for the excellent article on the Scottish influence on America. I especially liked the work you did focusing on Rev. Doak. Talk about a great weekend for reading!