Tuesday, November 7

The Little School That Could

Franklin Classical School is little. By design. We focus on academics. On purpose. We keep our tuition as low as we possibly can. In principle. Our resources are thus quite limited. Of necessity. So, it probably surprises a lot of floks when they see FCS do big things. Really big things. Like staging the Uttermost 3-day, 175-mile, duathlon. Like presenting a first-rate cultural award to a national figure like Jan Karon. Like winning state and national titles in football.

Uh, say what?

Yep. You read it right. Little bitty Franklin Classical School went undefeated this year in football. Little bitty Franklin Classical School went on to the playoffs and won the Tennessee state title. Little bitty Franklin Classical School then proceeded to win the National Christian Athletic League title.

Wow! I'm amazed. And, ever so grateful for the Lord's bounteous grace, mercy, and blessing.


Meg said...

Those are my Knights! Congratulations!

Rebekah said...

Dear Dr. Grant,

I laughed out loud when I saw your "Der's Stuff" category. How great! Wow, do I miss FCS days!

I'm glad you all are well! I am getting ready for year 2 in Bosnia--things are very well here--did you know that Kathryn is visiting here with me? You can check out my goings on if you wish at http://kaffacrossroads.blogspot.com.

Blessing upon blessings, hello to Grant family!


Laura said...

That is the coolest! Congrats football team!

Jen Rose said...

Wow. That is very cool. I am so happy for you all.