Tuesday, November 28

Taper Time

I am now down to the last few days before the St. Jude Marathon in Memphis. My training has gone well and now I am in my final taper (that's fancy runner talk for "resting up a bit before the big day," or something like that). Alas, I am also having to keep a close eye on weather. We've had spectacular temperatures and glorious weather ever since Thanksgiving. But, it looks as if that is about to change rather dramatically. A cold front starts blowing through tonight. By Saturday, we should have clear skies again. But, temperatures could be in the low twenties for the start of the race. Yikes! So, I am having to prepare accordingly!

Of course, the primary reason go to all this trouble is to raise awareness and finances for the Memphis hospital that has done more than any other single institution to pioneer new treatments for children's cancer. Won't you help me support the remarkable ministry of St. Jude to children and families battling cancer? I won't even ask you to run in the cold with me! Just donate to this very worthy cause and come back to visit my st. jude sponsor site often. Tell others about what I'm trying to do. Learn how my effort to help find cures and save lives is going.

Oh yes, and do pray for the run itself! A lot can happen to old bones like mine over the course of 26.2 miles.


Jen Rose said...

Good luck. I hope you have good weather.

Delmar Smith said...

You never cease to amaze. Do well.