Monday, March 10

Christian Focus

There is good news for serious readers. After a long drought, there are finally a number of new publishing enterprises creating excellent and much needed resources for a whole new generation of Christians. Joining long-time stalwarts like Banner of Truth in Scotland, P&R in New Jersey, and Soli Deo Gloria in Pennsylvania are such upstarts as Canon Press in Idaho, Covenant Media in Texas, Joshua Press in Toronto, Veritas Press in Pennsylvania, and Vision Forum in Texas.

To my mind one of the most impressive of these relatively new publishing programs comes from the Highlands of Scotland. Christian Focus has published innumerable indispensable-but-difficult-to-find works by the likes of Thomas Boston, Matthew Henry, John Owen, and Thomas Watson. In addition, they have produced an aggressive program of new publications by R.C. Sproul, Douglas Kelly, Roger Nicole, Terry Johnson, John Barber, and Robert Reymond. And the books cover the gamut--from theology and history to exposition and contemporary issues.

Check out their astonishing selection and substantive quality at Order a parcel load. And then do give thanks.