Tuesday, March 25

KMSC Site Update

We have completed a new overhaul of the King's Meadow Study Center web site as well as taking care of a few clean-up tasks on the Gileskirk and Micah Mandate sites. My daughter, Joanna, is quickly bypassing me as the primary web master--and the improvements to the site demonstrate that only too well.

The King's Meadow site changes are the most extensive of the upgrades. We've moved all the reading lists--including recommended new books, a bare-essentials classics list, and a through-the-Bible-in-a-year plan--to the Shelf Life page. That means all the sundry archived articles have moved to the Hubbub Pub section. The Almanac will be updated every two weeks or so with text versions of our Today-in-History radio scripts. We're also trying to clean up the design of the NashVillage links so that they are more user-friendly. I've added a Blog Spots to the links section as well as to this page--but I'm not going live until I can continue to shape my template to conform it to the overall site design.

Next up: a special blog site for the Gileskirk curriculum subscribers. It will have forums and bulletin boards so that students can interact with me and with each other. I've tried several different pieces of software through the years and after several spectacular disappointments have concluded that blogging is a much more reliable and streamlined approach to this than anything else I've come across.

This should be fun!