Tuesday, March 25

GKC Audio

My good friend, Aidan Mackey, is the director of the G.K. Chesterton Study Center at Oxford University. He recently uncovered some very rare recordings of Chesterton's popular broadcasts on BBC radio. They are very brief, incomplete, scratchy, and distorted, but marvelous nonetheless. One is a review of recently released architectural books, about nine minutes long; one is a five-minute excerpt of his long-running Spice of Life commentary; and one is a thirteen-minute speech on Rudyard Kipling at a meeting of the Canadian Literary Society--hosted by Chesterton's friend and the founder of that pioneering association, Governor-General John Buchan.

As soon as I can get the analog tapes digitized, I will make these available as MP3 files on the King's Meadow web site. Christmas in Spring!