Wednesday, March 19

War Buzz

Are you already getting weary of a war that hasn’t even started yet? Can’t bear to think that there are CNN employees who already have MP3 files on their iPods of the new war’s theme music? Are you anticipating with dread the logos, the lead-in graphics, and the sonorous tones of supposedly serious analysis from the Fox News talking heads? Does the very thought of Rather, Jennings, and Brokaw make you break out in hives?

Avoid the inevitable allergic reaction to the ratings-based news organizations by gathering your information on the web. My favorite links are:

And for the all too rare good news in the Middle East, go to these sites:

Perhaps after we've had the opportunity to digest all that is going on in our world--without the hype and hoopla--we'll actually be able to sort through all the complex issues at hand with some semblance of discernment.