Friday, March 14

Demonstrating Against War

There have been any number of impressive demonstrations against war in Iraq in recent days. College coeds have portrayed for us their serious passion by cavorting about in the nude whilst spelling out such profundities as "No War." Hollywood starlets have conveyed to us their substantive soberness by pontificating on late night telly talk shows about national security and economic development. Sundry world leaders of once-great nations have trumped up local polling spikes by taking their best imperial statesman's pose denouncing American imperialism.

But as terribly convincing as all these efforts have been, perhaps the single most impressive demonstration against war in Iraq has come from the White House.

George W. Bush could have gone to war a very long time ago. But he hasn’t yet. Many political observers have commented that by restraining the overwhelming force of the United States military, he has only strengthened the hand of his opponents--and perhaps even Saddam as well. Still he has bided his time. He has followed the course of international negotiation. He has allowed the process of deliberation at the United Nations to go forward unencumbered. He has afforded the weapons inspectors far more time to complete their work of confirming non-compliance than any of us ever thought he would have. He has even listened as the minions of French wimpessence have had their say. He has exhausted every possible option, every last resort, every final recourse. And still he has not launched a strike against the recalcitrant Iraqis.

Clearly, George W. Bush does not want war. Not if he can help it. Not if he can avoid it. Not if there might still be any other possible outcome to this sordid affair of men and nations.

Thus, the most impressive demonstrations against the war have come, not from the shaggy tenured professors at two-bit state colleges, barely articulate TV creations whose only claim to fame is fame, Dixie Chicks venting in London, or teeny boppers out for a lark between classes. Rather, the most impressive demonstrations against the war have come from the President of the United States. They have come from the Bush administration.

So far, there is no war to protest! You’d think that someone, somewhere on a college campus or in a TV newsroom might actually notice and then have the gumption say as much!