Sunday, March 16

Covenant Resources

I have just concluded a four-week study of the Biblical doctrine of the covenant. It was a whirlwind tour of one of the most important subjects in the Scriptures and hardly did the subject justice. But soon the tapes, audio files, and compact disks will be available and we can begin to evaluate where the holes are so that the next time I teach it we can have a bit more stable boat to sail in. Meanwhile, several folks have asked for a reading list. Here it is:

If you can only afford the time and energy to read one book on the covenant, make it HEIRS OF THE COVENANT by Susan Hunt (Crossway). Wise, practical, understandable, accessible, and Biblical, this is the best overview available anywhere.

If you can read two books, read Susan’s first and then read David McKay’s THE BOND OF LOVE (Mentor). The rich doctrines of the covenant unfold with beauty and grace in this remarkable work of both Biblical and Systematic Theology.

Also highly recommended are O. Palmer Robertson’s two books on covenantalism, THE CHRIST OF THE COVENANTS (P&R) and COVENANTS (Great Commission) as well as his remarkably wise and balanced book THE ISRAEL OF GOD (P&R).

Matthew Henry’s recently discovered sermons, published in THE COVENANT OF GRACE (Christian Heritage), are marvelous and should really not be missed.

New books like REFORMED IS NOT ENOUGH (Canon) by Douglas Wilson and ADOPTED BY GOD (P&R) by Robert Peterson are delightful expositions of the doctrines of grace in their covenantal perspective.

For those who particularly struggle with the sacraments from a covenantal perspective, I always recommend Douglas Wilson’s TO A THOUSAND GENERATIONS (Canon), Randy Booth’s CHILDREN OF PROMISE (P&R), and Francis Schaeffer’s BAPTISM (TriMark).

To be sure, there is no lack of help on this vital subject. Let us pray that the church in our time will only hear and heed.