Monday, November 13

Parish Pres

In September of this year, the elders of Christ Community Church (PCA) in Franklin, Tennessee completed the first stages of a strategic planning process committing that congregation to a new vision for church planting--among many other things. Putting feet to that vision immediately, they issued a call to me--asking me to consider launching the inaugural work.

After praying, thinking, praying, dreaming, and praying for the better part of a month, Karen and I accepted their call. We were already working with City Church (PCA) in East Nashville and so had gotten a good taste of the excitement and opportunities for ministry impact that a church plant affords. And so, just a few weeks later, on November 8, 2006, the first group of elders for this new work in Franklin gathered together and officially constituted Parish Presbyterian Church as a mission of Christ Community and the Nashville Presbytery, named a provisional session, and reaffirmed the call for me to be their organizing pastor.

That night, the provisional elders, Brent Moelker, Grant Hensley, Jim Smith, John Scherrer, Bill Iverson, Mike Felts, Danny Ketchum, and Louis Huesmann had a joyous season of prayer and thanksgiving as I reminded them that the vision of a “parish model” means that the new church will “go deep and go slow.” No razzle-dazzle. No hoopla. No blitzkrieg of programming. Just in-depth Bible teaching, worship marked by reverence and awe, intentionality in both community and outreach, a focus on covenantal succession among our children, and purposeful mission to our city. It is a distinctive vision--what will be, we pray, an authentic Kingdom vision.

Services will begin Sunday evenings in Advent. We sent out our first e-newsletter just yesterday. More information will be forthcoming on our still-under-construction website. Obvious, things are now moving very quickly. Thanks be to God.


Mr. Baggins said...

Fancy that! A church that isn't seeker-sensitive! More power to you. May God bless His new church plant.

Jayme said...

I cannot wait to visit!

Diane V. said...

This is so exciting! Karen recently mentioned this to me in an email and as soon as I shared the news with David, he asked where the church plant was going to be located. We were hoping for St. Louis :) but since reading your blog it doesn't look like you're going to be traveling that far away from your Franklin roots. You can count on our prayers and may God pour fresh oil on your new beginnings! Psalm 92!

Anonymous said...

Somewhere Chalmers is smiling with contentment!

Rob Scott said...

Must we always bash those who have different goals than we? My church would probably fall under the "seeker friendly" category, but in no way do I see as a replacement -- or in competition with -- other types of churches. On the contrary, vive la différence!

Josh said...

Wonderful news!

God bless this church and its leaders.

Dale Tedder said...

Blessings on this new opportunity to spread a God-glorifying view of parish life.

Will you be walking the entire parish, visiting all of your members?

Blessings Dr. Grant.
Stand Firm,
Dale Tedder