Tuesday, September 18

Breakfast Lectures

David Dillard and I will be offering four Friday morning breakfast lectures on the history of Iraq starting this next week. We'll be covering a wide range of time and subjects:

Lecture 1: Ancient Iraq--From Eden to Ottomans (September 28). We'll survey the cradles of civilization, the tides of the great empires, the devastation of the Islamic conquest, and the denouement of the Ottoman Empire.

Lecture 2: British Iraq--Wars and Wishes (October 5). We will give an overview of the discovery of oil, the tumult of the World Wars, and the British occupation.

Lecture 3: Revolutionary Iraq--Coups and Chaos (October 19). We will provide some context for the struggle for national identity, power, and the rise of Saddam and the Baathists.

Lecture 4: Whose Iraq?--Desert Storms and Hopes (November 2). We will conclude with the story of the American occupation, the emergence of ethnic strife, and the search for lasting peace.

Thankfully, pre-registrations exceeded the capacity of our first venue so we have had to change locations--to a much larger facility. Even so, the new venue is already almost full as well. So, if you've been wanting to attend but weren't able to get in before, now's your chance. Pre-register ASAP by visiting the Servant Group International website. MP3 CDs of these lectures may also be pre-ordered on the site--in addition to a host of other helpful resources.


Tom Berkompas said...

The link has an extra "h" in it.

gileskirk said...

Thanks, Tom. It's fixed now. Ah, the hazards of writing code instead of just cutting and pasting!

Gigi said...

Hi Dr. Grant,

My son Matthew is a sophomore this year at FCS. I am a stay-at-home-home-school mom so I could not attend the lecture this morning. However, I am interested in Iraq and its history. Did you record the lecture? If so, how can I get it?

I am also enjoying reading the notes from the antiquity lectures.