Monday, September 17

In My Nano


Michael R. Shipma said...

Anuna is coming to Oklahoma City in November. I'm taking the wife and kids to see them.

Lawrence Underwood said...

Rowan and Rice. What a great dish!

uberryan said...

Feist...Aren't they the ones featured on the new ipod nano commercial? It's always a proud moment when you are ahead of the trends. My claim-to-fame is my love of both John mayer and Jack Johnson before their debut albums were released :-)

gileskirk said...

Ryan: Yes, I think the Feist song in the ad is off her newest CD. Very creative. She reminds me of Over the Rhine, Out of the Grey, Diana Krall, and Jorane in both her musicianship and her unique phrasing.

Unknown said...

Thanks again for the peek into your playlist, Dr. G. I mostly find music through niche internet radio, not through any broadcast medium so I never have much idea of what other people are listening to. Usually you have some music I know and some that I don't... which is just perfect really.

Sharing found treasures makes them all the more valuable.

To borrow from Proverbs 27:17, iPod sharpens iPod.

Here are a few of my folk /celtic-ish picks:

Andrea Zonn's "Standing Still" from the album "Hands across the Water" The song is based on Psalm 46:10, Be still and know that I am Lord.

The song , the voice, the message... pure beauty.

"You and I" by The Duhks from their eponymous album, "The Duhks"

I love the Wikipedia description of this group: "Canadian folk-rock-Celtic-old time-bluegrass-contemporary-Latin-French Canadian-gospel"

"Mi Le M' Uilinn" by Karen Matheson (of Capercaillie) from the album "The Dreaming Sea"

Ahh, what can be said of Karen Matheson's voice? Only that it redefines the term "Where Angels Fear to Tread"