Thursday, September 13

In Memoriam


Anonymous said...

Dr. Kennedy taught me, as a young man, what it looked like to love God with all your mind.

Thanks for the pic. It is a classic pose as we often saw him from his pulpit.

Diane V. said...

I recently saw a program on tv about Dr. Kennedy's life and legacy. What an exemplary man he truly was. I really had not known the full impact of ministry God opened for him. What an honor, George, to have been called his "son in the faith." We pray that the Lord would comfort you and Karen, and grant you the grace and courage to walk in your spiritual father's footsteps. Though our opinion is small, it seems to us that you have been and are doing just that. Standfast, dear friend. Prayerfully, David and Diane

IndyChristian said...

But for God working through DJK, I wouldn't be here writing this at your site, George.

Say hi to Karen & your family for us. Especially "Simps".

Lawrence Underwood said...

What a great tribute. You are a blessed man in the relationship you have with him. I use the present tense on purpose. He is so very alive right now. What a treasure he is and such a blessing to the church in this nation and around the world.

May our Loving Father give you great comfort at this time.