Friday, September 7

The Dawkins Delusion

"Angels fly," G.K. Chesterton once said, "because they take themselves lightly." Maybe they provide an example Richard Dawkins could learn from--at least that is the premise of a new book by John Cornwell, Darwin's Angel: An Angelic Response to the God Delusion, delightfully reviewed in the London Times this week by Salley Vickers.


Anonymous said...

Dr Grant,
I have seen clips of Dawkins, Flemming, Harris et al, and even read some of thier shorter articles. Comparing them to what I have read by you, Sproul, ect. ect., I find the angry atheist crowd to be rather lacking, intellictually. Am I missing something, or are these guys motivated by blind rage, and the blind rage gets in the way of them making a better case?


gileskirk said...

Paul: Certainly, there is a better way to argue their case. But, I have to say, I am glad they don't seem to realize that!

Verity said...

Well the ultimate reply (IMO) is this by Dr Terry Tommyrot!

Steve Hayhow