Friday, September 28

Classical Education in the Times

The most recent issue of the New York Times Magazine features a remarkable profile of New St. Andrew's College and focuses on the burgeoning Classical Christian education movement.


Jim H. said...

Great article! I've already sent it to our classical school here in Richmond, VA.

I am interested to know where you stand on the Federal Vision controversy between Doug Wilson and the PCA.

It appears this spat has become intense lately.

gileskirk said...

Hale Fam: Yes, the FV controversy has become quite contentious and unpleasant for us all--but, the issues being debated because of it are of the utmost importance. I have written in this blog space frequently about the FV and my own rather pedestrian PCA and Westminsterian commitments so I won't repeat myself here. Thankfully, I still have many dear, dear friends on all sides of this controversy.